Craftworks Taphouse and Bistro

Craftworks was a really fun branding project where I was tasked with designing not just the Taphouse logo but also the logos for Craftworks’ own unique beers.
All of the beers are named after mountains in Korea with my favourite – Geumgang – being named after a unique mountain in North Korea that since 1998 has allowed visitors from the South. Each of the logos for these special beers dig into the culture and history of Korea, while highlighting the owner’s sense of humour.

Take a walk on the dark side! Our Geumgang Dark Ale celebrates the forbidden mystique of North Korea’s Geumgangsan, the only mountain in the North you’d ever want to visit! A malty, dark ale with a nutty taste, this brew is not for the timid. Bold, brash, and a little dangerous, our dark ale is so good, you’ll be ordering it by the Dear Liter!

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