Stikeez Fruit and Veg Farm Game

Our team at IceMobile was tasked with creating a digital solution to enhance BrandLoyalty’s Fruit and Veggies Stikeez concept. We wanted to create a fun game that would increase the collectability of the Stikeez toys while teaching kids about the origins and growing styles of fruits and veggies. The resulting app was a great success, with high engagement from children from over ten countries in Europe engaging with and loving the game while returning back to stores to collect their free digital gifts.

My primary role on this project was as visual designer, while often working on concepting, interaction design, game design and UX testing. This project was an awesome and sometimes tough learning experience, stretching my skills in illustration, game design and project management.

ClientLidlServicesVisual Design, Interaction Design, Illustration, UX, Game