Solo Trading Cards App

The goal of this app was to have a digital solution to link to a physical loyalty program aimed at children and young adults – these users would collect physical rewards at their local supermarket, and when they downloaded the app they would be rewarded with Augmented and Virtual Reality as well as having a simple game and digital collection. I was the sole designer responsible for the concepting, UX, interaction and Visual design.

What was needed?
A digital solution to enhance the Stars card collection, in a Solo style, following all guidelines from Disney and Lucas.

What was the solution?
An app which could scan in all the physical cards to a digital collection, show extra information about characters and give the user awesome Augmented and Virtual reality experiences.

What was the result?
The app was released both in France (Le Clerc) and The Netherlands (Emte) with great success – both apps had a 4.4 star rating in the android store, with good feedback in stores from users who loved the AR + VR.

ClientLe ClercServicesVisual Design, Interaction Design, UX, Game Design